In Loving Memory...Jordan

Jordan Murphy, 19 , of DeWitt was in a tragic car accident Saturday, August 7, 2010. In high school she was 2009 Homecoming Queen, 2009 Miss DeWitt, Cheerleader, All-Star Cheerleader & chosen class favorite all 4 years. She was a member of the student Council, Yearbook Staff, FBLA, SADD, Spanish Club, A-Team, Science Club and Art club.

After graduating high school, we hired and trained her to assist the doctors and do all the in-house whitening, but her dream was dental hygiene. She was attending the local community college, working on her pre-requisites. As you can see we lost one adorable employee.

When Jordan was in high school, I watched her in a track meet. She ran like a Cheetah!! One of the hygienist and I run together. We tried to get Jordan to run with us, sad to say we never did. I nicknamed her Lil' Cheetah. I bet she would have smoked us!

Marta Berry

All the young boys thought she was so hot! I brought my brother and his friend for their ortho check. Jordan called the boys back to change the braces out. When she turned her back, he did two thumbs up to the waiting room. It was a thrill for the young boys to get Jordan as their assistant.

Taylor Counce

I remember one time, one of the patients slapped her butt and said "You have the cutest butt ever!" Jordan's faced turned beet red. We laughed and started calling her juicy booty. Hahaha

Casey Logsdon

One day Jordan was looking in the mirror. I asked her what was going on. "Oh, Dr. Randy, I'm getting so chunky", of course she was anything but chunky. After that on Mondays, I would tell her I thought she had gotten chunkier over the weekend, just kidding with her. She would reply "Now Dr. Randy, that's not nice". That is the worst thing I ever heard Jordan say to anyone.
I named her Chunk. LOL

Dr. Randy Hestir

There are only two people I can call truly beautiful. One of them is Jordan. Not only was she physically beautiful, but she was also one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. She didn't really know me but she still took her time and money to get me a graduation present. It meant a lot to me.

CJ Black

Jordan was one of the sweetest girls ever! She would do anything - well ALMOST anything - to help you. I remember when I taught her to file the insurance EOB's and the sound of the paper sliding down the brads in the chart was more than she could stand. So from that day on if I asked her to help, she would take off running. But I didn't really mind - I knew she was running to do what she truly loved, which was helping patients.

Danielle Westfall

I can't ever begin to express how much I will miss Jordan. She was always smiling and so sweet. She was always complaining about her iphone not working properly. I told her if she would quit throwing it on the counter it might still work, but she always said, "It just slips, Honestly!" I feel blessed to have known her.

Jessie Gill

Jordan had the cutest smile, a pleasure to work with, always willing to help and so complimentary. She was a beautiful girl inside and out. Jordan was certainly an asset to our office and will be greatly missed.

Sandra Mommsen

In Loving Memory...

Jordan Murphy